Introducing Rowan Ellis, Who You May Already Know (Lucky You)


Answering the How Did I Get Here? Let’s Not Be Chronological! question. One person who helped me see the world through a Queer Lens is Rowan Ellis, a perky and insightful British woman who makes great little informative videos and posts them on YouTube. Ellis introduces herself in the following way:

“Hi, it’s Rowan! I make videos about pop culture from a feminist and queer perspective 🙂 Aside from that expect a mix of rants about literature, smashing the patriarchy, me being my hella queer self, writing tutorials, and British accent videos.   Book group livestream discussion every last Sunday of the month at 6pm GMT. New videos every week. Wanna collaborate? Send me an email over at: ”

Because I am a Huge Nerd, and in love with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Hayley Atwell is my patronus, one of the first videos of Ellis that I watched that had a huge impact on my was Queering Agent Carter, which I embed below. Watch it! Talk to me about your impressions of both Carter and Ellis!


Alas, WordPress doesn’t support this “file type”; you will  have to do your own typing, but I promise you it will be Totally Worth Your While: