Keep Calm and… Do the Hokey Pokey?

I saw a comment on another writer’s blog the other day. “Stay strong, stay vulnerable, stay open—life has a way of shaking itself (and you) out.”

I am hoping this is true. This week I wore a pocket square in my blazer to work at one job on Thursday and at my other job on Friday and nobody blinked. So yay. They may have been blinking internally. I dunno.

And tonight I am going to go play, gasp, dodgeball. As a martial artist, I am trying really hard to think about this endeavor as just one more instance in which I try very carefully to not inflict damage on nice people while also not letting them inflict damage on me. This, trust me, is a whole lot better than how my instincts tell me to think of it: as a time travel trauma going back to middle school when I was so incredibly uncool, uncoordinated, unappreciated, and unable to grasp the social cues of the jungle that is a middle school recess with such tools of torture as jump ropes and hopscotch squares. Gaaah.

So the idea of Life taking me up by the scruff of the neck and shaking me out–shaking out the packing wrinkles, shaking out the lint, shaking out the stiff muscles and minor anxiety and All The Things–I have to say that has a certain appeal.