Aesthetics, Culture, Choices


I understand that aesthetics are culturally embedded. In times of famine, fat is beautiful; in times of plenty, thin is beautiful. In an agricultural economy, dark skin means you are an outdoor worker, and thus lower class. In an office work economy, a tan means you have more leisure time outdoors, and thus are higher class.

I think of this now because suddenly I find myself knowing three different (dark-haired) women who don’t shave. Refusing to shave is a classic second-wave feminist act of defiance against our society’s straight male expectations for how women dress (and be) to attract the men’s attention, affection and presumably babies. By not shaving a women is declaring herself completely outside of and uninterested in that whole agenda.

Mentally, I can understand why some would want to make such a statement, but aesthetically I find it distasteful, especially as more fur is more visible. But here’s the thing. I think an awful lot of men should shave too. The problem isn’t that we have a standard of hairlessness so much as that it is a double standard. Frankly, I think that a far larger swath of our male population should not only shave far larger tracts of themselves than they currently do. They should buy mini- rider mowers and hire little gerbils wearing little Carhartt caps to do the landscaping for them.

Some jobs you can do yourself. But for big jobs, go with the professionals.


2 thoughts on “Aesthetics, Culture, Choices

  1. The bisexual butch June 5, 2016 / 7:20 pm

    I like my grrls to be hairy and natural. Must be my agrarian heritage, lower middle class upbringing, and second wave feminism revealing themselves. I love GQB’s soft, downy armpits, hairy calves, her happy trail, and her facial whiskers. The one time I had sex with a woman who shaved everything was such a turnoff, made me feel like I was fucking a prepubescent girl. Never again. Bring on the body hair.

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  2. Jamie Ray June 6, 2016 / 6:53 pm

    Shaving body hair makes absolutely no sense to me at all. It is another one of those random things that are set up to separate women from men. I’d rather be shaggy, even though I get some funny looks when I’m in shorts.

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