Butch lesbians and bathrooms

A thoughtful take on the bathroom problem and some of the identity politics and regular old power politics at play, by our friend at PurpleSage.

Purple Sage

A butch lesbian wrote an article for Time magazine about her experience with public washrooms and her take on the “bathroom bills.” I really appreciate the fact that a butch lesbian was published in Time magazine at all, but she follows the transgenderist party line, which means I was left disappointed by her article.

“I’m Proof Bathroom Bills Are Not Just a Transgender Issue”

“I hate using public restrooms. Airports and rest stops are my least favorite. I avoid locker rooms whenever possible. But really every restroom is bad. In fact, it happened to me just the other day in my fancy office building in New York City. I was at the sink, washing my hands, when a woman walked into the restroom and did a double take, first looking at me and then looking back at the sign on the still-open door of the restroom. Was she in the…

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