Styling Saturday: Making Changes


First quarter of this football game that is 2016 down, three more quarters to go! So far I have kept my most important New Year’s Resolution: #9 Stay open to possibilities. Also I have been making small changes in my wardrobe, trying to remember to wear makeup and jewelry more to balance out my semi-masculine clothes. I have spent a lot of my life looking like I dressed this way by accident, in part because I did. Now I am dressing this way on purpose, and I want to be very clear about that.

For the last ten or twelve years I have had to wear glasses, first when I read and then all the time. I always got very simple frames. Now I am wearing these instead.


That’s the good news. Now for the other kind. As I mentioned a few days ago, I got a new haircut. I feel like I got scalped. I think I do this at the start of spring every year, emphasizing “short” to the hairdresser because I know the warm weather is, hopefully, coming soon. My friends have all been kind about it, saying it looks good, although one friend who knows about the recent changes in my life suggested that I use my new network to find a better hair dresser. “If there is one group who has the haircut thing locked in, it’s the lesbians!” This is also something I had noticed while in seminary, but never really took advantage of then. But she might have a point.

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