Earthquakingly Important or Completely Immaterial?


Five years ago an earthquake caused a massive tidal wave that swept west from the middle of the Pacific Ocean and inundated northeastern Japan. Earthquakes are funny things. All the tectonic plates have to do is shift a fraction of an inch to cause a quite literal ripple effect that makes the phrase “solid ground” seem less of a descriptor and more of a suggestion. Watching the Japanese earthquake on YouTube, I could see the ground, formerly known as “down,” fly up sideways as the person with the camera stumbled. The sky, formerly known as “up,” also took a leave of absence from its normally scheduled location.

Sometimes, when I consider the issues of this blog, that is how I feel. At other times, I think my bisexuality now is just as theoretical as my heterosexuality has been for the last eleven years. If I’m not actually dating anybody, how on earth does it matter? I still eat, sleep, grade papers and scoop the poop out of my cat’s litterbox. I am still trying to attend the lesbian meetups and avoiding the presumably straight ones unless there is an interesting restaurant involved. But other than that, and some changes to my wardrobe, how does any of this change my life?

2 thoughts on “Earthquakingly Important or Completely Immaterial?

  1. The bisexual butch March 19, 2016 / 8:31 am

    Wellllll, it changes one’s comfort level with oneself considerably, I think. For me, that’s rather huge.

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